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Chuck Before Watermark
Before: Bite issues with crooked, worn and missing teeth
After: Custom made temporary crowns preview his beautiful new smile (all clinical and lab work done by Dr. Jeff Ceyhan)

Temporary Crowns: Chuck

Before you get new custom made crowns by Dr. Jeff Ceyhan, you will have to wear temporary crowns for a little while.

Dr. Ceyhan makes these custom temporary crowns out of an acrylic material. This allows Dr. Jeff to easily adjust their shape, bite and fit to match your esthetic goals while being comfortable. They are cemented onto your teeth with a temporary cement so we will give you specific instructions on their care and maintenance. 

Temporary crowns are an important part of what we do at Dental Design because they give you the chance to tell Dr. Ceyhan how you want the blueprint of your smile to look and feel.

Which one of Chuck’s teeth are temporary crowns custom made by Dr. Ceyhan?

Answer………all of them

When Chuck first saw me he had a laundry list of issues with his teeth: crooked teeth, missing teeth, chipped teeth, worn teeth, cracked teeth, uneven bite, super-large fillings and gum recession! He said, “Fix me up Jeff”. Chuck needed an Occlusal reconstruction which was accomplished with a full-mouth reconstruction involving braces, gum surgery and then 26 custom made temporary crowns that I designed for him. These temporary crowns became the blueprint for the final porcelain crowns that I hand made for Chuck.

Shhhhhh……Prosthodontist are dentistry’s best kept secret

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Temporary crown?

Whenever you have a tooth that needs a crown (or cap) that is custom made in a laboratory, you will need a temporary crown that your prosthodontist or dentist will cement onto your tooth. The temporary crown is a tooth-shaped cap that protects a natural tooth until your permanent crown can be made and cemented onto the prepared tooth.

There are 4 reasons why you need a temporary crown:

1. It protects the prepared tooth so it is not sensitive until your next appointment when you get your final crown back from the dental lab.

2. It covers the tooth preparation so that you have a tooth to chew on and not a preparation stump that will look unattractive.

3. It allows you a sneak preview of what the final crown will look and feel like.

4. It keeps your adjacent teeth and opposing teeth from trying to tip into the space now that your tooth is prepared.

What is the difference between a Temporary crown and a Final crown?

Basically, the 4 differences between a temporary crown and a permanent crown are;

1. The material they are made of. Temporary crowns are made from an acrylic that is not very strong and they are flexible. Permanent crowns are made from metal (gold), porcelain and zirconia which are much stronger and stiffer materials.

2. Who makes them. Temporary crowns are made by your prosthodontist or dentist chair side at your crown preparation appointment. Permanent crowns are made in a laboratory off a mold your prosthodontist makes of your prepared tooth.

3. The fit of them on your tooth. Temporary crowns don’t fit as well because they are made chair side from a material that shrinks when it sets. Permanent crowns fit more precisely because they are made from a mould of your teeth with materials that don’t shrink like acrylic materials.

4. The type of cement (glue) used to attach them onto your tooth. Temporary crowns need to be removable so that your permanent crowns can be cemented in later. That is why temporary crowns are glued in with a weak cement and permanent crowns are glued in with a stronger more permanent type of cement.