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Before: Tanya had severe wear, missing teeth and broken teeth
After: Tanya loves her new, healthy and comfortable smile!

Tanya: Tooth loss from Bulimia Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Tanya first came into my office because she was embarrassed by her smile. She had severe tooth wear, broken teeth and missing teeth. She confided that she felt very guilty about the state of her smile because a lot of her troubles were due to her eating disorder.

I spent the majority of my first appointment with Tanya re-assuring her that her tooth condition was not nearly as bad as a lot of my other patients.  I have treated many patients with eating disorders over the years and the most difficult and important part for the patient, is getting the help they need which Tanya was doing.  

I told her, the reconstruction of her bite and smile would take a little time and patience but that we could restore her teeth in a way to minimize further tooth loss.  Tanya’s treatment involved braces, gum surgery, root canals, bone grafting and dental implants that I coordinated with my team of specialists.

I then completed Tanya’s new bite and smile with custom designed ceramic crowns.

Tanya loved her new smile and we were all very emotional when she saw her new smile for the first time.

Shhhhhhh………….Prosthodontists are dentistry’s best kept secret

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