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Before: Smile During braces directed by Dr. Ceyhan
After: He is now enjoying his new, beautiful smile !

Kyle: A guy walks into a bar…. Implants and Braces

Kyle, was minding his own business, having a drink at the bar with some buddies when a good old fashion bar room brawl (just like you see in a western movie) broke out. Here’s the part where you know irony has a really bad sense of humour. As Kyle is trying to clear out of the area where the brouhaha is happening, he trips over a barstool and slams into the edge of an adjacent table, teeth first! Thats when he said buh-bye to his 2 front teeth and some of the supporting bone!

Kyle went to see his dentist the next morning and got the verdict that the 2 front teeth could not be put back in place and that a large portion of the supporting bone had been crushed. Due to the significant damage in the area, Kyle’s dentist referred him to my office. When I saw Kyle for his consultation appointment, he was wearing a removable “flipper” his dentist had made with 2 false teeth in the front and some pink acrylic to replace the lost bone and gum tissues. I commented that the flipper looked really good and Kyle could have something similar made for a final partial denture. Kyle didn’t want any removable teeth and wanted to get something as close as possible to what his natural teeth and smile looked like. After reviewing several different treatments, Kyle selected the one that would give him the best final result even though it was the longest treatment time and the most costly treatment to do. As he said, “Dr. Jeff, these are my front teeth and being 24 years old, I want to invest my money in getting my smile back now”. So I assembled a team of specialists to treat Kyle. I reviewed with the oral surgeon the types of bone grafts we wanted. I then asked the orthodontist to move the side teeth into the space of the missing front teeth and then referred Kyle to a periodontist where I made a guide so that the gum tissues could be reshaped. Once Kyle healed from this, I referred Kyle back to the oral surgeon to remove the screws from the bone graft and place 2 implants in the ideal position, depth and angulation that we had planned. I then groomed his gum tissues and reformed his bite with Provisional crowns for the next 6 months.

Kyle’s treatment took 2 years to complete but in the end he got his natural smile back and no one could tell that his two front teeth were missing.

Shhhhhhh🤫 ……….Prosthodontists are dentistry’s best kept secret

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