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Before: Old Amalgam fillings causing cracks, leakage and darkening of teeth
After: She is now enjoying a new, beautiful smile with custom bonded white fillings!

Dr. Terri: To Crown or Not To Crown Amalgam to Composite Fillings

Dr. T is a 44 year old dentist who came to see me because she had some old amalgam restorations (silver fillings) that she said were about 30 years old and she had a very specific request. She wanted to have, “nice, A2 coloured bonded Empress crowns to strengthen the posterior teeth with some tints to highlight the ridges and increased chroma in the occlusal so that the crowns would esthetically blend into her smile”. Hows that for a specific request?!!

So after reviewing the various treatment modalities with Dr. T and answering her questions about other options, she decided to go ahead with direct composite bonding with an eye to full coverage crown restorations in the future if the bonding did not hold up or if she required any root canals.

In one appointment we removed the old amalgam fillings, decay and stain. We used 4 different types of composites (white filling material) and 3 tints to create the final result. Dr. T loved the final result and these fillings felt so good, that 15 years later she never proceeded with the crowns.

Shhhhhhh🤫 ……….Prosthodontists are dentistry’s best kept secret

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