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Before: Smile with dentures
After: Beautiful smile !

John: I want a Fashionable Smile Denture and Implant Denture

John hated going to the dentist ever since he was a kid and at 29 years old, had all his upper teeth, and lower back teeth, extracted (pulled or yanked as he said). Now, 20 years later, John works in the fashion industry and is very self conscious of his smile because his denture (false teeth) is very worn down and keeps breaking against his lower 8 teeth. He wants a “fashionista-designed smile” that looks like real teeth and be able to chew again. His periodontist (a gum specialist) recommends he “pull” the remaining lower 8 teeth and replace them with titanium implants so that John can have brand new teeth attached to the lower implants and get a matching new upper denture. She recommends that John see a prosthodontist because he is very picky on what his smile should look like and has lots of questions about the process.

When I first see John, I listen very carefully to what John wants and take notes because he has very specific wants on how his new teeth should look. I reviewed with him the basic design principles of a nice smile and showed him many pictures of cases similar to his that I had done over the years and took note of what John liked and didn’t like. I also gave John a crash course on engineering implant dentures (false teeth anchored to bone) to show him how his bite should be built if he wanted maximum chewing efficiency. All of this review allowed John to feel confident in making an informed and knowledgeable choice on his treatment.

I then planned out John’s lower implant placement and coordinated this with his referring periodontist, designed a surgical guide for her and designed the esthetics and function of John’s new occlusal reconstruction with fully custom-made dentures.

The end result was that John got the fashionista smile that he always wanted and nobody was the wiser that these were not his real teeth.

Shhhhhhh ……….Prosthodontists are dentistry’s best kept secret

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