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Before: Nancy's failing Crowns caused wear on her Lower teeth
After: Nancy with custom upper denture and lower partial (all lab and clinical work done by Dr. Jeff Ceyhan)

Nancy: Dentures can be better than Crowns!

Nancy’s history of periodontal disease (gum disease) made her smile “unhealthy and ugly” so her dentist crowned her upper teeth and made Nancy a lower partial denture.

6 years later, I see Nancy for a consultation and her gum disease is getting worse, she hates her smile and never wears her lower partial denture. She doesn’t want an upper denture because “they always look so fake and unnatural“. So, I reviewed the option of removing her remaining upper teeth and getting 8-10 implants placed so that we can make implant anchored bridges for her top teeth and her bottom back teeth.

This was out of Nancy’s budget. So, I suggested giving her an immediate temporary upper denture and then just 2 implants placed in the lower arch to help support a new custom partial denture that would be more comfortable than her old partial. I would then bond the rest of her lower front teeth to fit her new smile and bite when her final permanent upper denture was made. This was more in line with Nancy’s budget.

So, for  both the upper and lower denture, I customized each tooth individually by hand to give them a more natural shape and colour. I then tinted and shaped her “gum tissues” to give them a more natural and esthetic look. Finally I designed custom housings to support her lower partial onto the 2 implants and her front teeth so that she wouldn’t show any of the wire hooks.

In the end Nancy loved her new smile and couldn’t believe how much nicer her new denture was than her old crowns.

Shhhhhhh🤫 ……….Prosthodontists are dentistry’s best kept secret

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