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Dr. Kim Fuhrman

DDS, BSc, Certified specialist in Endodontics

I was born in Saskatchewan but grew up in Calgary. University started at the U of C, then dental school in Edmonton. I worked as a general dentist in Calgary and Canmore before returning to specialty school in Portland, at the Oregon Health & Science University. I returned to Calgary after graduation with my specialty certificate in endodontics and partnered with Dr. Gerry McAndrews at Bankers Hall Endodontists, working in Bankers Hall and then Bankers Court. In June 2024 I am joining Drs. Ceyhan, Schwann and Pretorius in the speciality group practice Dental Design.

Besides dentistry I enjoy time with the family (spouse and 3 grown children), biking, skiing, hiking, construction, and gardening. I try and cycle to and from work, usually 3 days of the week, all seasons of the year.