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Tanya: Tooth loss from Bulimia Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Tanya first came into my office because she was embarrassed by her smile. She had severe tooth wear, broken teeth and missing teeth. She confided that she felt very guilty about the state of her smile because a lot of her troubles were due to her eating disorder.

Nancy: Dentures can be better than Crowns!

Nancy’s history of periodontal disease (gum disease) made her smile “unhealthy and ugly” so her dentist crowned her upper teeth and made Nancy a lower partial denture.

6 years later, I see Nancy for a consultation and her gum disease is getting worse, she hates her smile and never wears her lower partial denture.

Kira: Ummmm, My Puppy Broke it? Bonding

Imagine a lazy Sunday afternoon lying on the couch with your puppy, snuggling, face to face. Too cute right?! Gotta get a selfie! Stretching your arm out, to get the perfect shot, you take the pic and drop your cell phone hitting yourself in the mouth and breaking your front tooth in half! Well that’s just what Kira did.

John: I want a Fashionable Smile Denture and Implant Denture

John hated going to the dentist ever since he was a kid and at 29 years old, had all his upper teeth, and lower back teeth, extracted (pulled or yanked as he said). Now, 20 years later, John works in the fashion industry and is very self conscious of his smile because his denture (false teeth) is very worn down and keeps breaking against his lower 8 teeth. He wants a “fashionista-designed smile” that looks like real teeth and be able to chew again.

Kyla: Uh Oh, The best laid plans Custom Implant Bridge

Kyla has a missing front tooth because it was “stuck in her gums” behind the root of the neighbouring tooth. So her dentist recommended trying to move it so that it wouldn’t damage the root of the adjacent tooth. Unfortunately, the worst result happened and Kyla ended up losing 2 of her front four teeth. FML! All her other teeth were beautiful and in perfect shape, so she didn’t like the dentist’s option of cutting the other teeth down for crown and bridge work. She also didn’t want removable false teeth long term.

Dr. Terri: To Crown or Not To Crown Amalgam to Composite Fillings

Dr. T is a 44 year old dentist who came to see me because she had some old amalgam restorations (silver fillings) that she said were about 30 years old and she had a very specific request. She wanted to have, “nice, A2 coloured bonded Empress crowns to strengthen the posterior teeth with some tints to highlight the ridges and increased chroma in the occlusal so that the crowns would esthetically blend into her smile”. Hows that for a specific request?!!

Kyle: A guy walks into a bar…. Implants and Braces

Kyle, was minding his own business, having a drink at the bar with some buddies when a good old fashion bar room brawl (just like you see in those western movies) broke out. Here’s the part where you know irony has a really bad sense of humour. As Kyle is trying to clear out of the area where the brouhaha is happening, he trips over a barstool and slams into the edge of an adjacent table, teeth first! Thats when he said buh-bye to his 2 front teeth and some of the supporting bone!

Taylor: Space Free Smiling Finally! Bonding, Braces, Gum Lift

When I first met Taylor she was a shy, 15 year old who did not talk very much and her mother, Sandra, explained that they were here because Taylor was very self conscious about her teeth and never smiled. Taylor said she hated her smile because her teeth were too small with the gaps to large in between them, and the kids at school said she looked like a halloween pumpkin. Sandra explained (as she teared up), “a dentist already told us Taylor would need 4 dental implants put in the gaps and $40,000.00 of crowns and veneers that my insurance won’t cover. I can’t afford that and I’m wondering if there are any other options”?