Trust your smile to a specialist
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Why do I have bad breath?

Bad Breath!  Whether it’s barely noticeable or strong enough to turn people off, bad breath can spoil your self-confidence and cause embarrassment.  Did you ever think, “Why does my breath stink???” Morning breath:  When you go to sleep, so do your salivary glands.  Because there’s not enough saliva to wash away

What is a dental specialist?

Last week, I saw two new patients for consultations, and after chatting with them for a few minutes they both said to me, “but I thought a specialist did my work!” The first patient explained that a ‘cosmetic dentist’ specialist recommended she have veneers done to straighten her “crooked” teeth. Unfortunately,

How to find a good dentist?

Finding a good dentist is similar to finding a good restaurant; it all depends what you are looking for. Choosing a restaurant usually boils down to 3 basic options: 1. You’re hungry, in a hurry and you want something quick and cheap to eat. A large chain fast-food drive-through, for example. 2. You

How often should I see my dentist?

It depends.  Everyone is different. Your dentist schedules your checkups based on your specific oral health needs.  As a general rule, checkups every six months are the standard. Why 6 months? The technical answer is related to how long it takes bacterial plaque to colonize, secrete acid and solidify into